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One Word Sunday: pier/peer

One Word Sunday: diverse/diversity

Cellpic Sunday 5.1.22

Much as I love Thursday because it means it’s time for Thursday Doors, it sometimes seems that Thursday comes around more often than every seven days. Of course, it seems the same for all the other days of the week as well. But on Thursday we get to share doors, which is always fun. Today’s selection is the last from my several recent trips to California. The first is from one of the large houses along Manhattan Beach, although I like the attractive but unassuming look of this one as compared to some of the very fancy doors. Doesn’t mean the house isn’t large though. This door is along the street, not The Strand pedestrian path.

Although I understand the attraction of traveling with your own home, ala RV, I never want to drive something that big knowing that the people behind hate me or pay that much for gas. But a “tiny house” like this one could be useful, especially if the top pops up the way I think it does.

Finally, one last Manhattan door, an invisible door of the type that causes animals and small children to come to grief, possibly even the odd adult or two (not that the adult would have to be odd, but…). 🙂 I see I caught the bottom part of someone jogging by as well. Anyway, as I leave, I’ll just remind you of that famous Beach Boys song, “Wish they all could be California doors.” TTFN.

Our whirlwind trip to California to see our daughter and son-in-law before the baby arrives turned out very well. One day while the men cycled, we walked again along Manhattan Beach where over-the-top homes are the order of the day. I think I’ve photographed most of the doors and gates that are to be seen from The Strand, the walking/cycling path that goes between the homes and the beach. But this one is worth showing again (closer than previously). The “house” that goes with it is much like a villa in Italy or elsewhere, really not giving off that homey vibe. But oh, the door!

This classic was parked along the part of the path that’s in Redondo Beach. Looks like three oldsters here, but not sure if they’re all classics. 🙂

A much more modern look to this set of doors, a nicely matched set.

This edition of Thursday Doors is once again brought to you by Dan the Doorman on St. Patrick’s Day 2022. Enjoy responsibly. 🙂 Sláinte!

One Word Sunday: action

A view from The Strand along the ocean in Manhattan Beach. You just have to get a little low to see this view. I love this river of smooth rocks and for extra credit we have the grey fog and sky in the background.

Life in Colour: black/grey

Patti has some excellent examples of shapes and designs in her challenge post for this week. I had to include this first quote because it made me laugh at how we sometimes feel when we see the weekly challenge or some other online challenge:

“Challenges are intended to shape you not to destroy you.”
― Christine E. Szymanski

Now for some examples of shapes and designs from God and man.

“I realized that day that blessings come in a variety of shapes, colors, and sizes.”
― Craig Groeschel, Weird: Because Normal Isn’t Working

We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us. ~Winston Churchill

“Wide, curved, tall or long, so many shapes but none are wrong.”
― Hermione Little, All Our Lovely Shapes

Keep in shape: if you look good, you will feel confident. ~ Carolina Herrera 🙂

If Linda Ronstadt is right and “Love is a Rose”, walking along Manhattan Beach provides plenty opportunities to be loved! This rose has just enough orange for this month’s Life in Colour challenge.

Past Squares: flower


We had several lovely days for walking while I was in California, one of which was once again along The Strand in Manhattan Beach, AKA where to walk to ogle (not Google) very, very large, fancy homes but of course also look for doors and gates.

for Thursday Doors 10.14.21

This is a portion of a very large house in Manhattan Beach, California overlooking both the walkway where I took the photo and the ocean. Nice work if you can get it, right? 🙂

for Life in Colour: white