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What do Dick Francis and C.S. Lewis have in common?  On the surface, other than both being English writers, not much.  Dick Francis wrote mysteries that all in some way deal with horses, even peripherally, which makes sense, as he was a jockey and one good enough to be the Queen’s jockey.  C.S. Lewis’ books are nothing like that and as far as I know, he had nothing to do with horses.  I enjoy books by both, but you’ll never confuse which author wrote which books.

But one thing both of them had in common was the idea that men should be men.  While re-reading some of Francis’ books, I came across this, which touches on something I’ve been thinking about quite a lot these days: the discouragement and death of independence and risk-taking (even in very small degrees), especially for boys and men, and the emasculation of men that’s going on in our country (and likely in many other as well.)  Note that this was from a book written in 1966.  I doubt things have improved in England; I know they have in the States. (more…)

This morning while walking around the lake, I was thinking about the characteristics of real men, thoughts stemming from an article Bill read to me this morning about the epidemic of rapes in India,, containing horrific statistics and stories.

Therefore, the first two on my admittedly both unfinished and personal list are these:

Real men don’t commit rape.
Real men stand against rape. (more…)