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I wrote the first verse of this one day as a response to a mathematical poem my husband wrote.  The rest is just something fun for Sunday.

Squaring my shoulders
I admit you wrecked the angle of my heart.
I hadn’t factored in how prime you were
And our lives have intersected ever since.
It may not seem rational
But we do have many common factors
So it all adds up.

Then we went forth and multiplied.
Our children were a divergent series
and often diametrically opposed
but we felt they had some of our eccentricity.
No formula to raising children;
sometime you just have a hypothesis.
But the sum of it all was positive.

The probability was that we’d still be rational
(and it seems the parent functions still are)
although that may be a product of our imagination.
Thankfully, we’re not yet a null set
and the odds are in our favor
that we got most of the answers right.
Now the focus is back on the pair of us.