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As I strode briskly toward the Independence Visitors Center in the Old City of Philadelphia, the heavens opened.  Unfortunately, God didn’t come down, only sheets of grey rain on a day that had until that time been gloomy but warm.  Despite my chic London Fog rain hat and brightly-green rain jacket as well as hastily-employed umbrella, my jeans were soaked almost to the knees and my socks distinctly damp when I reached the Center, only to find that the half hour movie I’d hoped to see didn’t begin until 11 and I had to be at Reading Terminal Market by 11:30 for lunch.  So I headed for Ben Franklin’s house and museum and I’m glad I did.

Having read his autobiography ages ago (free here as a pdf) and a lot about him, I knew he was a man of many talents.  But the newly-redone museum showcases wonderfully what an eclectic man he was.  Let me share in photos just a small slice of his accomplishments.

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