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You already know from several of my previous posts that Mission San Xavier del Bac south of Tucson, Arizona is beautiful with doors that are the same. Now you can see that they also have attractive gates. The design on this first one is purely Southwest.

This one is more church-related but after all, it is a mission. 🙂

The last gate isn’t remarkable, but the surrounding entryway definitely appeals and I liked the way the whole photo set up. Don’t go running out that gate at night (or any time) without looking where you’re going. Cacti are very unforgiving!

Thursday Doors 2.23.23

Obviously, to get into a church, you have to go through a door. Here’s the set of doors at the entrance to The White Dove AKA Mission San Xavier del Bac near Tuscon, Arizona. If you missed the two posts I did on the mission on Monday and Tuesday, the links are at the end of this post. As the mission might have, at times, need to be defended, strong wooden doors were a great ideas as well as being attractive.

Look to the left after entering and you’ll see another wooden door leading to who knows where and with a bonus gate. 🙂

To the right was a faux door with a faux bar and faux lock. Nicely done!

That’s it for today’s episode of Thursday Doors, hosted by Father Dan. Have pictures of doors? You’re welcome to join, Just click on the highlighted link above. Just interested in doors? Do the same and then click on some of the links you’ll find there.

My Monday post is here, the follow-up Tuesday post here. For a virtual 360 degree look at the mission, click here. The virtual look is beautiful, well worth the less-than-a-minute it takes, and no scaffolding!