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I had a birthday last week and the day after, everyone who knew I’d had one, asked me,

“Did you do anything special?”


One of the most disconcerting things about vacation is how quickly it seems that you never went. Taking photos helps bring back the vacation experience, so these doors transport me to one of my walks to Old Town Pasadena.  After my first day, I went online to locate somewhere to have tea or one of my periodic coffee drinks.  For the latter, I found Amara Chocolate and Coffee.

Mochas top the short list of coffee drinks I like.  At Amara, there are no mochas (by name), but their cacao latte raises the mocha bar moon-high.  Add 63% dark Venezuelan chocolate to coffee and milk and it’s sheer bliss!  I made a point of stopping there again on my last day.  They’ve officially spoiled me for all other mochas and I was happy to have had the opportunity to tell that to the owner.

With that delicious thought in mind, let’s head for the doors (and you can listen to The Doors as well, if you like.)  To see more of the doors (no caps), you can take a virtual trip around the world through the portal at Norm’s blog.  Be aware that the portal is disguised as a blue froggy-like creature.  Just click on it and the portal will open.  Just hang on to your drink!

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