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Seriously? “Door” as theme? I only have hundreds of choices for this. Sigh. Ah well, it’s a great excuse to browse files and I decided rather than French or German doors (which are wonderful), I’d feature this Philadelphia door also giving you a glimpse of a sample of the iconic mosaic walls found throughout the city. The Magic Garden is the place known for this type mosaic, but there are a number of other places you can find more. While doing a bit of online research, I stumbled, virtually speaking, on this site which talks about the two types of mosaics in the city and places where you can see them. I have to bookmark it for my next trip!

One Word Sunday: door

Cellpic Sunday 1.22.23

Those capital letters in the title aren’t a mistake.  “The Dream Garden” is the name of a Tiffany masterpiece of a Maxfield Parrish masterpiece found in the historic part of Philadelphia.  We were walking along, stopping very often so I could take shots of doors, when my daughter said she thought this was the building that had something in it I’d like.  She was right about both suppositions!  (Not sure why I didn’t think to use the panorama feature on my iPhone, but I didn’t.)

Although this looks like a painting, it’s really a mosaic based on Parrish’s painting and it’s amazingly beautiful.  The mosaic is located in the Curtis Building, former headquarters of The Saturday Evening Post, and is close to Independence Hall, making it easy to visit.

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