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These gorgeously hairy beauties were everywhere this spring and I fell in love.

There were a number of the wild roses, Woods’ roses, tucked here and there in the mountain slopes.  They look quite different from their domesticated relatives, but they still have that delicate beauty.

I was interested in the placement of that apostrophe in “Woods’ “.  I looked at a variety of sites and also found “Wood’s” (which is what I would have thought it should be) and “Woods.”  So take your pick, but don’t pick the roses!

© janet m. webb

The “front yard” of our cabin is a space defined by poles, only there so that when the horses come in from pasture in the morning or go out at night, theyh don’t trample everything right around the cabin or rub against the cabin.  Long horizontal poles are attached to shorter vertical poles, fitting well with the surroundings.  This year, because it was spring and had been wet, there were plenty of flowers in our natural “garden”, many of them lupine.  Purple and white was the major color scheme.

© janet m. webb