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for Six Word Saturday 1.30.21

Since not everyone can go out, let’s use the Beach Boys’ “In My Room” as inspiration for today’s walk. Afterwards I’ll make some tea and we can sit on the patio, although it might be quite warm.

Let’s walk into the bedroom, take a closer look, and hear some stories. Stories are especially good these days, don’t you think?


for One Word Sunday

Look closely. There might be a fairy somewhere in there.

We’ve made it halfway around the lake.  Let’s finish that walk.  Bring your cameras and relax.  We ended the first part of our walk with a lupine photo, but I love them, so here’s another.

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A wet spring also puts fungus amung us.  🙂   This one is beautiful but deadly and there were quite a few of these around.  Although poisonous, the amanita muscaria has been used as a hallucinogen as well as for other purposes.  Click the link to read more, but I prefer to simply admire, not eat.


Finally, fundamentally fabulous, fantastic French forest fungus.  Fun!  🙂

Yes, alliteration has struck again.  If you’ve been following my blog for some time, you know that where I go in France, I’m deep in the Vosges forest.  This is where we walk the dogs each day.

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Although we love to hunt for (edible) mushrooms, much of what we find is, although fun to see, not edible and might even be poisonous.  Despite not being edible, fungi can be eye-catching, as I think you can tell from these photos.


One day in France, my s-i-l came in, told me to bring my phone and come with her.  She wouldn’t tell me what the surprise was.  A short distance after we entered the forest, she pointed and I saw immediately what she’d seen, a mushroom looking like a gigantic spider!

Having searched for some time before posting this, I believe this is a stinky squid mushroom.  They look to me like charred red peppers, although you wouldn’t want to eat one.  My s-i-l said they’re rare and, yes, stinky, although flies love them. Evidently something else loved them, as the next day it was gone.  We did, however, find a few others, rather startling in a world of mostly browns, greens, and whites.  This one was a good hand span in width.



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Food report

Posted: October 14, 2014 in Food, Travel
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Time for a food post! After all, I’m in France where good food is everywhere.  To start the day, I have yogurt, thick and creamy, with fig or mixed fruit or vanilla (this one’s vanilla) in cute pots in various colors.  The problem is that you don’t really want to throw the pots away because they’re so cute, but eventually you run out of things to do with them or people to give them to.  Then you have to be strong and toss them!

photo 3(97)

A great alternative or addition is slices of melon with pomegranate seeds.

photo 2(128)

Remember those mushrooms with the terrible-sounding name, death trumpets?  We’ve found quite a few and one of the tastiest ways is to have them in a simple sauce over pasta.  Fortunately, my s-i-l is a good cook.

photo 4(62)

We had lunch one day at a family-run restaurant not far from Melisey.  We got the three-course menu, which started with a wonderful salad of greens, tomatoes, figs and toasts with delicious goat cheese.  Unfortunately, I ate it before thinking of taking a photo.  🙂  My main course had red fish of some sort, potatoes and peas, also delicious. And the dessert?  Well, take a look.  Contrary to what you might think, it was very light, refreshing, cold, and tasty.

photo 1(128)

I imagine there might be another food report in the near future but for now, enjoy these delicious, calorie-free moments.

In France, mushrooms are beloved and eaten with gusto; even, such as in the case of truffles, revered, stolen, lied about and fought over.  You must know which are edible and which are not, but you may always take your finds to a pharmacy, where you will be informed as to which are are edible and which poisonous.  While taking the dogs for walks through the forest, we keep our eyes open for mushrooms but due to the atypical dry weather, all we’ve found are either old a/o dried out, or inedible.  However, they make lovely photo subjects.  Here are a few of today’s finds, unretouched except for framing and copyright.  You may look without fear of poison!

The first Monday theme for the Phoneography Challenge is “Nature.

“The sudden appearance of mushrooms after a summer rain is one of the more impressive spectacles in the plant world.”
~John Tyler Bonner

photo 1(122)