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It begins as rain, spits and sprinkles, settling down later to something harder and more deliberate. Errands run, lunch eaten, I settle down to the never-ending struggle to impose order of some sort on papers and miscellany, a book-on-CD inserted into my laptop to keep me company. To the accompaniment of descriptions of luscious food and exotic places, I glance out the window to see the change from fall to winter announcing itself…not permanently (tomorrow will be cold but then the next days warmer)…just that tap on the shoulder announcing: “I’m on the way. Get ready. Find those missing gloves, bring out the hats, make sure your winter coats are clean.”

So glad I did yard work yesterday, although more remains for upcoming warmer days. Three bags of yard detritus stand next to the garbage can for pickup in the morning. Until the beginning of November, each bag of yard waste must carry a stick-on tag, purchased for a bit over $2 at local stores, in order for the city to pick it up. From now until mid-December, pick-up is free. I take advantage of that.  As I carry the bags from the garage in the deepening twilight, only a short while after 4 pm, the wind cuts coldly through my sweater. Yet it’s invigorating and makes the lights shining through the window seem even more welcoming. Christmas waits just over the horizon, maybe some cross-country skiing, although we got rid of our old skis when we moved. On Cleveland’s east side, in the snow belt, there are plenty opportunities to sled or ski. In Chicago, not only is there usually not enough snow, there are very few hills. That’s the prairie.

As evening arrives, I pull out my recipes and cookbooks. Soups and stews sound wonderful. I’ve asked for a new 3-quart crockpot for Christmas to replace the one that broke, but in the meantime, there’s the larger one, making enough for several meals and for the freezer, too, if I can carve out enough space. Maybe soon I’ll bring my winter coat up from the basement and hang it in the front closet. Winter is on its way and I’m ready. I’m also looking forward to my January visit to Arizona to see my parents. Winter makes it even more desirable.

Fall colors and winter snow.



More winter, less fall.


Darkness comes early after the time change.  The wet snow sticks heavily to everything, pushing dying leaves and fronds to the ground.


The bird apartment (on the right) is getting a covering of snow. Might be time to scatter some bread crumbs.  The snow provides a decoration for the bare bush on the left.