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For One Word Sunday

Unfortunately, we haven’t had much snow since November when I took a wonderful walk in the gorgeous snow. Here’s another photo from that walk. Think you’re seeing double? Don’t worry, you are. There’s a gate that’s pulled back in the mornings at sunrise, although you can easily get around it if you like. (Don’t ask me how I know that!) I love the way the snow fills in the openings in the fence, creating a sort of black and white abstract.

My walk in the park this week burned a lot more calories than usual due to 10+ inches of snow.  I’d been working either at the pastry shop or around the house (or trying not to get sick), so Saturday morning, I had to get out, phone in fanny pack and camera in camera pack.  This is what met my eyes when I backed out of the garage.

© janet m. webb

No one had yet been out at the park when I arrived.  There were tracks from the day before, filled up rather well with new snow.  The section down to the river hadn’t been walked on at all since the snow began.  I won’t say I floundered, but it was hard work and my eyes were watering as well.

© janet m. webb