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I woke to a fog-wrapped morning, damp and chill.  A fortifying breakfast, some time on the computer and I grabbed my iPad heading out for some solitary walking time.  The trail in the nature preserve felt as damp as if it had rained, the silence broken only by the muted calling of various birds, the dampness making the leaves soft enough to allow me to imagine myself an Indian treading soundlessly along the trail.  Ghostly figures of ducks inhabited the lakes, their bottoms popping comically into the grey air as they ate their fast food breakfasts.  Moisture coalesced enough to rain on me and I could feel my hair curling as I walked.  A lovely feeling of solitude wrapped me as closely as did the fog and reveling in it, I almost missed the spider web bejeweled with diamond droplets, a necklace fit for a queen.  Priceless. (more…)

There’s a nature preserve in Cape May Point, just across the street from our friends’ house.  We walked there daily, ending at the beach.  Birding is one of the main pastimes in Cape May and although I’m not a big birder (as opposed to a Big Bird-er), we saw quite a few, including these swans.  When swans take off, they sound quite a lot like planes or helicopters and it’s quite funny to see them eating with only their large white bodies above the water. (more…)