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Wherever the neighborhood where we currently live, my neighborhood of heart is here in the Big Horn Mountains of Wyoming. I was fortunate enough to visit for three weeks this summer.

The neighborhood.

Some of the neighbors.

for Lens-Artists Challenge #123 – Found in the Neighborhood

It’s been many, many months since I’ve written one hundred words for Friday Fictioneers and it may be some time before I write again.  But while out for my morning walk today, a story to go with this photo came to mind, so I offer it to you, hopefully for your pleasure.

bay window copyright rochelle wisoff-fields

copyright rochelle wisoff-fields

Mama K

No one knew how to pronounce the Middle-European hodge-podge of mostly consonants comprising her surname, but even little children mouthed, “Mama K.” The neighborhood glue through all its metamorphoses, she reigned supreme from her window, somehow seeing everything. No matter her age, food appeared for hungry families, young people were lovingly taken to task or encouraged; even gang members deferred to her.

The day her face didn’t appear at the usual time, we all knew.   The flowers, cards, stuffed animals, photos, and other items of loving remembrance grew high as the doorway. The gaping hole her passing left remains unfillable.