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And finally you have moonlight

Posted: September 13, 2022 in Nature
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I’ve shared sunrise and sunset from California. That really only leaves moonlight. From the same patio as yesterday’s sunset photo, here’s the view I saw one evening. I was pleasantly surprised at how well my iPhone 11 caught it.

As tempted as I was to go with a beautiful morning in the park or a stunning sunset, I decided to go with the lights I saw a few years ago looking out at LA from Griffith Planetarium with my daughter.  I thought the shot turned out rather well, considering it was taken with my iPhone 5s.

© janet m. webb

And then while I was scrolling, I found this photo, a complete opposite, so I thought I’d feature them both for contrast.

© janet m. webb

Then I decided to go with one more and yes, it’s from the park.  After that, I decided I’d better stop, even though I had a lot more.  🙂  Have a happy, blessed Monday filled with magical light.

© janet m. webb

all for Lens-Artists Challenge