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The Ramen Bar in University City, part of Philadelphia, is now open and what a treat!! We were in Philly two nights and ate there twice at the behest of our daughter. She’s eaten at ramen bars in Japan and says this is the real deal. Judging by the number of Asians, she’s not the only one who thinks so. (more…)

This recipe became a favorite in our house after our local Chinese restaurant for some inexplicable reason stopped making their cold sesame noodles, something about not being able to get the sauce, although I never really did figure out what the problem was.  But the sauce evidently never came back. Then I discovered this recipe in a mailing from Vegetarian Times and tried it, serving it the first time with trepidation for fear it wouldn’t be a suitable replacement.  Luckily, our younger daughter said she likes this better, making me a happy cook.  This makes excellent travel food as well as a dinner entrée.  You don’t have to put it in the take-out box, though. (more…)