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There’s just something about that weathered look and it looks especially right when you’re next to the Pacific Ocean.

When I saw this door, I wondered what on earth the owners were thinking. Then I saw paint patches on the walls as well, so I expect they were testing colors to see what they liked best. Made for an interesting look. 🙂

I can’t imagine what rent next to the ocean in Manhattan Beach costs! Well above my pay grade, that’s for sure.

Thursday Doors 12.2.21 (Today’s date, written in US style, reads the same backwards as forwards, a palindrome. For fun examples of written palindromes, such as the classic, “Madam, I’m Adam”, click on the highlighted link.

Here are two other palindrome-related bits of fun from

Semordnilaps (the word palindromes in reverse) are words that spell other words when spelled backwards (for example, star/rats, drawer/reward).

Aibohphobia is the palindromic term for an irrational fear of palindromes.

I had to add a bit of light to this photo of a French door because the position and intensity of the sun made it difficult to see the wonderful details. Then I needed to get closer so you could really appreciate them. Have to admit that I’m sorry I missed my yearly trip to France last year. Maybe this year. I’d love to get some more doors to share. In the meanwhile, enjoy this one. And don’t forget to have a bit of fun with today’s date, 1.21.21, which is a palindrome, meaning it reads the same forwards and backwards. Just thought you’d like to know. Getting my math geek on for you, Dan.

for Thursday Doors 1.21.21