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It’s time to do a post for Saturday morning, but it’s hard to think of anything except the horror of the terrorism that struck Paris tonight (Friday night.)  My first, selfish thought is thankfulness that our younger daughter isn’t in art school in Paris.  She was accepted at Parsons, but decided to go elsewhere; the second, that my s-i-l and b-i-l, who live in France, don’t live in Paris.

But each person killed had a family and friends who are in shock and who mourn.  There are people waiting for news of loved ones, going through unimaginable hell.  The first mandatory curfew since 1944, WWII, is in effect.  That should be an indication the type of people committing these atrocities.  It doesn’t matter what their names or affiliations are.  They terrorists, plain and simple. They are not freedom fighters.  They are not misunderstood.  They are evil people, filled with hatred, willing to do whatever harm they can to whomever they can.

I got a text from my boss, telling me to turn on the TV, that there had an explosion in Paris.  On 9/11, we received a similar phone call from another s-i-l, telling us to turn on the TV.

My prayers and thoughts go out for not only the people of Paris, but for all who face the hatred and evil of terrorism.  But tonight, the people of Paris are foremost in those prayers.

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