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I’m back from a week in Arizona of family time and looking at rental houses and areas (too early to rent yet but we need to get started), then a week of relaxation and family fun in Pasadena. I hope you enjoyed the two weeks of photos from “my” park, McDowell Forest Preserve in Naperville, Illinois. I do most of my walking in the park when I’m at home, but in Pasadena, I walked a lot back and forth between our daughter’s condo and Old Town Pasadena where I saw this power box a number of times. You get several doors for the price of one box.

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First Baptist Church in Pasadena, California has been around sine 1903.  Its beauty drew me in, but the doors to the church were locked.  After ringing the bell and explaining to the secretary my desire to see the inside, she not only let me in, but told me all about the church.  There were a few lovely doors to be seen as well, although the bright California sun sometimes made it difficult to get a good shot.

copyright janet m. webb