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One Word Sunday: diverse/diversity

Cellpic Sunday 5.1.22

There’s not better way to start the day than to go French at Sweet Wheat. With grandson in the stroller, we relaxed on the patio enjoying pastries, coffee, and baguette sandwiches before heading out for a last walk on a perfect southern California morning, delaying our departure until about noon.

Continuing the French theme, my husband spotted this snail burrowing away in its flower. It was safe from me. Snails aren’t on my menu anywhere I am!

We had a classic morning to take with us on our drive home. Of course this was the last body of water we saw but we survived traffic and manic drivers to arrive safely back, already missing that grandchild. 🙂 Thanks for sticking around through my sporadic posting throughout the long weekend. I hope you enjoyed a bit of the personal.

One Word Sunday: art

Past Squares: circles, kinda (yummy/cute/beautiful)

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for One Word Sunday: specialty

While in or near Fougerolles, we kept seeing signs for le jardin de la fée verte (the garden of the green fairy).  Hmmm, didn’t really sound like our style.  However, having almost missed several other wonderful places because we thought they might be a bit twee, we finally decide to stop at Distillerie Paul Devoille and see the green fairy garden for ourselves.

And we saw…


Okay, it’s unlikely that Fougerolles will ever be luring tourists by advertising its selection of doors,  but it’s not just all cherries and distilleries.  Here’s a small selection for your Thursday delectation.  Be sure not to miss the last one!

Here in the U.S., we’re celebrating Thanksgiving.  I have so much for which to be thankful and you, my blogging friends, are certainly a part of that.  Thanks for making my days brighter and more interesting.

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Most Saturday mornings, you can find Britt-Marie Horrocks Culey and her husband at the Shaker Square farmers market offering delectable pastries from Britt’s Coquette Patisserie, Britt trained in Provence and when you stop by her table,you’ll think you’re in France, rather than Cleveland’s east side.  The very best thing is that these
wonderful treats have absolutely no calories.  🙂

Here are some of last Saturday’s offerings, although Britt wasn’t there. She was home, taking care of the couple’s three-week-old pastry-chef-to-be.

To read more about Britt or check out her recipe for honey madeleines, click here.

20130701-210702.jpg (more…)

Le Chocolat du Bouchard, Naperville, Illinois (,  a bit of Paris in the Midwest and the perfect place for a chocolate fix on a cold winter afternoon.  Come sit with us, relax, enjoy a chocolate drink and a treat.  (Theadora Brack, this is for you.  If any of you are interested in Paris or are planning a trip, drop by her blog at  You love it.) (more…)