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Each time I visit France, my s-i-l and I explore, always finding something new or a different look at a place we’d formerly visited.  This year, due to a move, they live closer to Luxeuil-les-Bains, some of which you’ve already seen, and to Fougerolles, (Foo-juh-roll’) in the heart of the cherry district.  Fougerolles is known for kirsch and griottines, cherries macerated in eau de vie or kirsch.  Each year, there is a cherry festival, which we were fortunate enough to attend.  (More about that in a later post, of course.)

Naturally, there are plenty of interesting doors in Fougerolles.  Here are three.  The first is right along the main road leading through the town.  Step out of your door and across the sidewalk and you’re in the street!  Those lace curtains are quite something.

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