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My apologies for my super-sensitive new laptop publishing my story a day early just because my cursor went over it.  Because of what my schedule with the house looked liked (which has now changed), I’d begged the prompt from Rochelle early.  Now I’ve wasted her gracious gesture.  Sorry, Rochelle, and all.


The weekly gathering of the Fictioneers has commenced.  Bring out the halt, the lame, the blind, the murderers and aliens, vampires and vamps. Look carefully and you might see a human or two.  Take them all, stir thoroughly, add a dollop of disbelief, a soupçon of silliness. Dip a spoon into the resulting slumgullion:  each recipe meticulously prepared, marvelously rendered, tasty to the tongue.  Your personal recipe is solicited or feel free to simply feast and go away replete; perhaps not always uplifted, but with your brain stimulated.

fleeting-copyright-Indira MukherjeeThanks to Indira for this week’s photo.


Something hovered at the edges of his mind but he couldn’t focus on it. It floated just out of view, at the edge of consciousness. Heavy limbs wouldn’t respond as he struggled vainly to free himself.    Was he drugged?   Where was he?

Brilliant colors and garbled sounds pulsed through his aching head.  His mind vainly tried to make sense of them.

He moaned.  Attempted speech.

Heard someone calling his name. Tried to respond.

Dear God, what was happening?  Why couldn’t he move?

Crying out, he lurched up, tangled in his damp sheets, accidentally head-butting his wife bent over shaking him.