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Alas, I’ve never been to Japan, although our younger daughter has and highly recommends it.  These shoji doors are found, complete with accompanying house, in the Philadelphia Museum of Art.  The house provides an island of simplicity in a museum filled with lovely, but often ornate things, and a sense of palpable peace.  We were fortunate to visit when there weren’t many people, so I was able to stand quietly for a few moments and imagine that my house were this empty and restful.  Although our house is often restful, it will never be this empty while I continue to own books or use the library.  🙂

However, you may enjoy this moment of virtual peace and transport yourself for a few brief moments to Japan.  Tempura, sushi, donburi, and green tea will be served shortly. Konnichiwa. こんにちは.

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More doors may be found on Norm’s site. So much fun!

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A true warrior, like tea, shows his strength in hot water.” – Ancient Chinese proverb

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