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The Phoneography theme this week is “Black and White.”  I always enjoy finding natural shots for this challenge.  This is my entry for this third week of March, a month when spring has apparently deigned to not only visit but to stay.  I’m loving every minute of it!  This shot, however, may evoke winter once again.  Or perhaps your mind will imagine a warm, still night with only the noise of insects and perhaps some frogs if you’re near a pond.


Recently I was in Iowa, able to spend a bit of time walking along the Wabash Trace Nature Trail near Shenandoah, Iowa.  Part of the Rails-to-Trails program, the scenery offered me some photos that could be converted to black and white to good effect.  But first I had to drive the 7+ hours from Naperville.  One the way, there were a number of new-fashioned windmills.  I was trying to get some photos while still driving responsibly.  In the process, I somehow captured my first photo, which has had no editing at all, other than that frame and name.  But I loved the feel of motion I inadvertently caught.


This windmill, found along the Trace, is the type my grandparents had on their farm.  For this photo, after turning it black and white, I used the sketch app and a tiny vignette edge.


Not sure what sort of tree this is, but I love the peeling bark look.  With a bit of shadow added, the curling bark really pops out.


There’s was a lot of rain during the time I enjoyed  in France the last several weeks, (home as of yesterday), which makes some days feel black and white or, in the forest, green and grey.  However, there’s beauty in each of these as well as in color as my first photo attempts to show.  If you want to see more black and white photos, drop by Lens and Pens by Sally, our gracious hostess’ site.


While exploring Melisey’s general store, I came across this cute teapot.  When I looked at the photo, it was in black and white.  Somehow I’d hit the filter on my phone and gotten a black and white photo when I wasn’t even planning on one.  I guess this one was meant to be shared today.


Finally, one of my naturally black and white shots with a shot or two of editing added for pizzazz!  Behold, a lowly glass of water elevated to something more.


Our older daughter was visiting recently and I went with her into the city (Chicago) for a haircut.  Always on the lookout for photos, I was thrilled when I spotted a wall that looked like the 60’s and was already in black and white.  I played around slightly with the editing and love how they turned out.  Groovy, man!  And like if you take photos with, you know, something that’s like not a regular camera, beat feet to Sally’s and be part of the scene.  Don’t be bummed out by missing it. It’s outta sight!

I’m so dizzy, my head is spinnin’
Like a whirlpool, it never ends

“Dizzy”, Tommy Roe

photo 1(117)


photo 2(118)

photo 3(88)

Welcome to the third Monday of the Phoneography and Non-SLR Digital Devices Photo Challenge.  That’s quite a mouthful, but it simply means photos taken with non-traditional cameras.  I use my iPhone, although I used my iPad before I got the iPhone.  The theme for the third Monday is always “Black and White“, something that years ago was the sole option of the photographer.  Black and white imparts a very different feel to photos.  The drama depends more upon the textures, shapes and contrasts than when color is in play.  Both are lovely, but very different.

Here are my entries for the week.  I hope you enjoy them. If you take photos with non-traditional cameras, feel free to join us, this week or any week.

photo 2(106)

photo 1(105)

3rd Monday = black and white shots

Black and white shots = atmosphere, texture, shape

Phoneography Challenge = fun and great photography

A visit to  medieval chateau in France gave me the material for this week’s photos.  I like the atmosphere in the first.  Look carefully.  Can you see Dracula or another creature of the night lurking nearby?  In reality, the chateau wasn’t at all spooky in the bright sunshine and with colorful flowers scattered throughout the grounds.  But as Dr. Seuss might have said, “Oh, the things you will see with just a bit of editing!”


The wheel on the ancient water system looks completely different in black and white.

photo 2(89)

Finally, I added a 60’s look to a bit of the ruined wall.  Perhaps, if you’re old enough, you once got a postcard that looked like this.

photo 1(89)