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  AbstractOf art : expressing ideas and emotions by using elements such as colors and lines without attempting to create a realistic picture.  A second definition says:  Expressing a quality apart from an object.  

Toward the end of the week, the sun finally came out long enough for a trip to downtown Naperville that included a bit of photography.  Naperville has  a lovely river walk so, after an obligatory stop at the library (an obligation of love, I hasten to add), I stashed my bag of books in the van, zipped jacket my  against the wind and headed out for some iPad fun.

There were still some flowers providing a last fling of color.  I started shooting farther away, fighting the wind, which kept trying to keep the flowers moving so I couldn’t focus on them, but finally in the first photo, ended up deep in the heart of this beauty.  I find the shapes and colors very pleasing and although you can see the heart of the flower, I think it also allows for the wonder of something beautiful, yet not quite defined as a flower.

The second photo is an up-close-and-personal shot of a fountain not far from the flower.  Seen from a bit farther away, the water mimics a dandelion, but nearby, it takes on an abstract form, showing the “stems”, the water and the wavering reflection of fall leaves.  Both shots are unedited except for enlarging and cropping.

While we generally want clarity in our lives, there are times when the abstract can bring peace and allow for a sense of wonder and imagination.  Enjoy those moments and allow yourself time to dream.

On the fourth Monday, the challenge is the photographer’s choice.  Click to venture to Lens and Pens by Sally, home of our gracious hostess and where you can find links to all the other amazing entries.  If you take photos with an phone or iPad, feel free to join in.  You can find all the information there, too.