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This week’s Phoneography Challenge is the photographer’s choice and my choice this week is street photography. I spent the better part of three days walking the streets of San Francisco, stopping often to take pictures while managing not to run into anyone or have anyone run into me because I stopped too abruptly, not an easy task in a city with so many people! But if I’d stopped to capture all the interesting things I saw, I’d never have gotten anywhere. Even so, I covered a lot of ground and there was so much to see.

One of the things I like about street photography is the unexpected picture, something that catches the eye because of its incongruity. In that vein, here are two disparate pictures that I like. I have no idea why the vase and arrangement in the first photo were sitting there, at the base of a light post on a busy street corner just a few blocks from our hotel. I didn’t see anyone around and they weren’t there when I returned. The second is simply one of those must-take photos. I hope you enjoy them both. They were taken with my iPad and are unedited.



When Oracle speaks, San Francisco listens…and even shuts downs of parts of streets.  But while my husband is wallowing in geek-dom, I’m enjoying myself on the streets of San Francisco…and in the teashops and bakeries and cheese shops and…   I started the morning with a leisurely breakfast of chocolate croissant and tea, then after a stop at our hotel, walked the mile down to the Ferry Building (with lots of photo stops) where I spent a long time wandering around looking at the goodies in the shops and sitting by the bay.  I took a few pictures during the day as well.  But on the way to the Bay, I was mesmerized by two windows in particular, both for what was inside and for the reflections.   Here are my unedited submissions for this week’s Phoneography Challenge.  As Sally likes to say, let me know which you like and why.  And if you’d like to see a bit of what we saw yesterday, on arrival and at Muir Woods among the majestic redwoods, check the previous post.  One thing’s for sure, I don’t have to worry about getting fat during this trip as I’m walking copious amounts every day!  So I’ll indulge.  🙂