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After wiffle-waffling for some weeks, I’m joining the talented group of photographers, the Photo Rehab group at Lucile’s blog.  My understanding is that PhotoRehab is a place not to rehab from photography addiction, but to wallow in it.  🙂  I’m good with that!  Photography’s an addiction I indulge in as often as possible.

I rarely shoot photos of people for a variety of reasons.  First, I remember “back in the day” when we photographers were told that if we wanted to use a photo of a person, they’d need to sign a permission slip.  Maybe that was only if the photo was to be published a/o sold, but that stuck with me.  Second, I feel intrusive pointing a camera at someone.  Last, but not least, many of the places I’m taking photos are out in nature, not around people.  But…