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For this shot, I’m inside my favorite tea shop, TeaLula, looking the tea inside my teacup reflecting what’s outside.


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As it’s almost time for a very special celebration–my 60th birthday– I thought some throwback photos might be fun.  I suppose they should be photos of me as a baby and growing older, but I found these and really like them, so…

Grandparents on my dad's side

Grandparents on my dad’s side

My parents.  Not sure whose dog that is.

My parents. Not sure whose dog that is.

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Welcome to March and the excitement of spring in our hopefully not-too-distant future!  In our family it’s also birthday month, time for celebrations of both nature and family.  Outside, though, winter still laughs, wags its finger at our anticipation of spring and reminds us it might have a few tricks left up its snowy, chilly sleeve.  During a time when white is often the predominant color, a look back (or ahead) at past springs when color rules makes a good way to start the week.  “Nature” is the theme for the first Phoneography Monday of the month, so click on the link to find all the entries or to participate.

Walks around the lake
Lead us to discoveries
Time for holding hands

Around the lake near our house

Around the lake near our house                   (Boost from Picasa)

A misty morning on the lake outside our daughter's house

A misty morning on the lake outside our daughter’s house       (Vignette from Picasa)

Around the lake near our house

Around the lake near our house                  (Boost from Picasa)

But I hope yours isn’t.
Have a blessed Sunday

photo 3(19)

photo 2(19)

photo 1(5)

photo 4(14)

Captured in the thrift store dressing room mirror yesterday.  Have I mentioned that it’s dry?

photo 2(4)-001

photo 3(3)-002

photo 1(3)

I just returned from a wonderful trip to Costa Rica. (Plenty of blog posts on it if you care see some of what we saw.). One of our adventures was a visit to Villa Vanilla where, besides vanilla and other spices, they make chocolate. Here are three photos, and a wrap-up photo, to get you from pod to chocolate.

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Pick the cacao pods.


Take out the pods which, at this point although edible, look very sci-fi!


Dry the pods.


Once the pods are dry, it’s time to grind them into cacoa powder so you can make chocolate. Kept in the fridge to stay firm in the heat and humidity, the chocolate we tasted was the best I’ve ever eaten. It was slightly grainy, very dark and totally wonderful. The grinder in my “cheat” fourth photo is the style that would have been used by the Aztecs as they prepared their aphrodisiac drink.



One of the big draws of Costa Rica is the rain forest and our bit of it was found not only around our hotel, but in Manual Antonio National Park, Costa Rica’s smallest national park. Small it may be, but it’s home to an enormous variety of wildlife (of the animal variety) as well as beauty. In 2011, Forbes named it one of the 12 most beautiful national parks in the world.

Once you’ve paid your $10, you can wander the park trails yourself and relax on the beautiful beaches. But unless you have superhuman eyesight, if you want to see the wildlife, take a tour! The guides can spot things you’d never even know were there. Without Berny, we would only have seen monkeys and some lizards. With him and his telescope, we saw…well, you’ll see.


Right inside the park entrance was this lovely guy, waiting to welcome us. Taking photos through the telescope assured getting up close to whatever we saw.


Although green is the predominate color where we are near Manuel Antonio by the Pacific Ocean, there are vivid counterpoints of color everywhere. Here are a few that particularly caught my eye. Just don’t ask me what they are. All I know is that they’re beautiful.







This vacation is unusual in more than just being in a new country. It’s also the one of the very few times we’ve done a tour of any kind, other than our own. Yesterday, we did two.

Since we love to ride, the horseback riding tour grabbed our attention immediately. The man at the desk, when told we were good riders, recommended a new tour, Cowboy Tours, run by a friend. He asked, “You like to gallop?” When we said yes, he booked the tour.

Sunrises and sunsets in the desert can be very soft, filled with pastel colors, or they can be very dramatic. This sunrise may encompass both.  The colors are soft, the effect of the rift dramatic.  I caught one shot slightly softened, the other sharper.  In true Phoneography tradition, which do you like better and why?  The difference in color happens when the iPad focus goes to a slightly different place, but the unedited photos were taken one after the other.

Tomorrow is the one-year anniversary of the Phoneography Challenge, although I didn’t discover it until later.  Congratulations, Sally, and everyone who participates.  Sally not only shares wonderful photos, but a plethora of wonderful photos, thoughts and photo websites.  “Nature” is the theme for the first Monday of the month and by clicking on the word, you’ll be able to access not only Sally’s site but links to the photos for all the week’s participants.  Join us, if only to enjoy that talent.