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I’ve decided this is the year I have to get “fluent” in French.  In September when I was visiting my s-i-l, her cleaning lady, who always attempts to talk to me (in French), asked my s-i-l when I was going to learn French.  I forebode to say that she still speaks no English, but determined to do better.  To that end, I’ve moved my Duolingo, TinyCards, and Google Translate apps to the first screen on my phone and iPad and am practicing a lot more.  So…

Ces portes de Plombières sont rouges (These Plombières doors are red.) Although I love finding the distressed doors that need some love, these doors are aussi très jolie (also very pretty.)

I had a necessary and needed break, but it’s great to be back and to catch up with all of you!  Happy New Year!

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