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Although quite poisonous, oleanders of various colors decorate the Arizona landscape everywhere. Presenting as bushes or trees, depending upon how you prune or don’t prune, they make perfect “walls” to protect homes from view, create a boundary, or just provide shade. But keep them away from children and animals (or vice versa) and don’t burn the wood. The fumes are also bad for you.

What makes oleanders attractive is a combination of beauty and hardiness. They stand up well to heat and dry conditions and as we know from only two months experience, that makes them super stars in the desert landscape!

(I know I said I’d be featuring art today, but I forgot it was the day for Friday Flowers.  The art will be up tomorrow.  Sorry.)

Throughout history, there have been many famous poisoners using a variety of poisons, some easily obtained from nature.  Digitalis is one such poison, a poison that can also be useful in treating certain cardiac conditions.   To make it worse, it comes in such an beautiful, inviting package: the foxglove plant.

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