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I’m excited not only to share a favorite subject, a bee nose diving into a flower, but my first photo duo using the slider, which I only found thanks to Dan at nofacilites. He’s been giving lessons on using the block editor and as far as the slider goes, once I knew where to look, it was simple to find. Thanks so much, Dan. This particular bee and flowers were at Saguaro National Park near Tucson, Arizona. These cacti and flowers were very small but eye-catching.

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Fuzzy bee jacket
Snagging bright yellow pollen
Brings nature new life

bumblebee copyright janet m. webb 2015 (more…)

It’s Monday night and although I should be writing a post, I’m watching the NCAA national basketball championship game.  This is the only time of the year I’m interested in basketball and I’m hoping for a close game.  I spent the day running errands and working around the house, particularly trying to get rid of the piles of paper that tend to accumulate in my vicinity.  I didn’t spend any time just being; it was all doing.

When our girls were little and something was really exciting, we talked about having “an ecstasy spasm.” During my recent trip to Philadelphia, we spotted some very happy bees just bee-ing.  They were having ecstasy spasms as they buried themselves in flower after flower.  It does my heart good to see bees, but it does the world even more good, as they’re vital to pollinating so many plants.  I also had an ecstasy spasm when I looked through my photos later and saw that my phone had captured some rather good shots!