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For this week’s Phoneography Challenge, I chose three iPad photos of skies at various times of day and in various moods.
The photos haven’t been edited in any way.

This first photo is one of many beautiful sunsets we experienced at Cape May, New Jersey last Thanksgiving.


The day this photo was taken, I was coming home from the store as the clouds became more and more dramatic. This wasn’t long after I’d had my iPad and I felt a little silly standing in the street in front of our house, trying for just the right shot. The clouds were moving so quickly that every shot I took looked very different.


This picture reminds me of the pictures depicting the glory of God streaming down from heaven. But after all, what is nature but God’s glorious handiwork displayed for  us to see?


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This week is a free choice week for the Phoneography Challenge entry and I chose “Abstract.”

The first photo is a photo of the Tour de France on the monitor of my laptop. We had the laptop connected to the TV for a bigger picture, when I noticed that from the angle I was viewing the laptop monitor, I was getting an unusual picture. I took a number of shots, but this is one of my favorites. No editing or anything else, just the original shot.


The next photo is of the light coming through the shower curtain in the bathroom.


My final shot is of my feet on an oriental carpets, taken using one of the things I love to play with on the iPad, the Photo Booth app.
I used the Thermal Camera for this picture.


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This week I’m trying a new challenge, the Phoneography Challenge, for photos taken with an iPhone. I don’t have an iPhone, but I do have, as Tom at The Palladian Traveler dubs it, an i-Thingy (aka iPad). I don’t have the little widget up yet for the challenge, but one thing-y at a time, yes? This week’s challenge is “(Almost) Portraiture.”

Hopefully, I’ll be doing this correctly. If you want to look at other almost-portraits, you’ll find the links here: Almost Portraiture.

So without further ado, here I go.


The above photo was taken in our bathroom mirror and I love the effect of the smaller and smaller reflections. No editing on any of these photos as that’s something I unfortunately don’t really know how to do yet. 🙂 (more…)