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When I visited my parents in Arizona in January, we visited Carefree for the wine and art show. This desert landscape  was a bonus along the road on the way home.  To some, the desert is too spare and hostile.  I think it has a beauty all its own, one that allows distance and expansion.  While vertical shots work better in WordPress, the desert to me is horizontal and surrounding.

© janet m. webb 2016

These are oddball photos for varying reasons, but all are, I think, fun. The first is of the rather huge truck in front of our car (I wasn’t driving), during rush hour in Chicago, in a downpour and of course, endless traffic.



noun \hyü-ˈma-nə-tē, yü-\

Being willing to sacrifice for the good of others (humanity) as well as for yourself and your loved ones shows your humanity.
The man in the photo is wearing what my f-i-l was likely wearing when he landed on Omaha Beach on D-Day and later when he was in the Pacific.
American cemetery at Omaha Beach.  There are many such cemeteries for the dead of many countries.

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

Although I’m sure the first barista to top a cup didn’t use the gingko leaf as a model, s/he might have.  This is my answer to the Weekly Photo Challenge’s difficult theme: “Dialogue.”

copyright janet m. webb 2014

copyright janet m. webb

There are altogether too many possibilities for this week’s photo challenge theme, “Work of Art.”  I choose two, this first in San Francisco’s Chinatown last September.

I must add that as I’m traveling much of the time until next week, I won’t be able to get to many other blogs this week, but I’ll do my best.  Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend.


This is our homemade entree for Easter dinner:  ravioli stuffed with artichoke filling, served with an heirloom Italian walnut sauce.  It’s actually a work of Janet, not of art.  🙂


Two drops “On Top” of a plate

A happy and blessed Easter to all of you!


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My entry in this first Monday Photo Challenge, Nature, of 2014 is a labor of love, stress on the labor. I wanted to edit the first photo but because I can’t figure out how to simply make a copy of a photo in my iPad’s photo stream so that I can not only edit but add text, I ended up downloading Picasa, then trying to figure out how to get the edited photo somewhere on my laptop that it could be found and uploaded into WordPress. All this happened while “watching” the Orange Bowl and took an enormous amount of time. Ultimately, the only editing I did was, once again, simply cropping. But it felt as though I created something completely different. 🙂 I hope you find the results pleasing.



OK, I played around with Picasa some more and here’s an effect I like.  This is the uncropped photo with Lomo-ish applied.


Me, mirrored in a piece of modern art at the Cleveland museum of art…


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