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Today’s theme is “Liquid.”  We’ve been getting lots of that recently in the form of rain, rain, and more rain, although this shot of a flooded parking lot was taken some years ago.  I know some of you have seen it and a few have written a 100-word story about it when it was a prompt for Friday Fictioneers.  But it’s still one of my favorite photos and, I think, just right for today’s challenge.

© janet m. webb

In contrast, I offer a macro photo which has been the most popular post on my site in all these years and one I love as well.  Enjoy!

© janet m. webb

What?  Another Wednesday off so I can be part of the Photo Challenge?  Life is good.  Spring is trying hard to get through, although winter is fighting back, so we’re cold and (often) windy but with spring flowers pushing their leaves daringly upward.  Hopefully the below-freezing nights won’t be cold enough to cause damage.

Today’s theme for the Photo Challenge is “Favorite Place”, someplace we love and return to again and again.  That’s easy, but I’ll have to try to find a photo I haven’t already used.  This is a early dawn photo shot on the day I was leaving last year, unretouched at all.   Yes, it’s that beautiful.

copyright janet m. webb

The theme this week for the photo challenge is “Transient.”  I’ve been transient this summer, my second trip being to France and I’ve been back less than a week.  One afternoon after a rain, we saw a double rainbow that curved completely across the sky.  This segment only gives a hint at how bright it was, as my iPhone couldn’t capture it in all its glory, the deepest colors and most defined stripes I’ve ever seen, yet too transient.  Oddly enough, just a few days ago we saw another very bright double rainbow here in the Naperville, Ohio area.

© janet m. webb

Happy Wednesday!  Spring has arrived in northern Illinois, bringing me much joy (and a fair bit of rain as well.)  Flowers, both wild and domestic, are blooming, trees are budding, birds are Tweeting…or maybe tweeting.

The Weekly Photo Challenge theme this week is “Earth“, in celebration of Earth Day. My recent trip to Yosemite National Park with our older daughter showed us some unbelievable views of one glorious section of earth. I shared this photo on my blog during my posts about Yosemite, but it’s the perfect vehicle to convey the stunning beauty of one tiny area of earth, so I hope those of you who have already seen it will enjoy it again.

It may be easy to think that we need to preserve areas such as these, but in truth, every bit of earth has the potential to be beautiful, whether through scenery, use, or both.  Let us each find the corners we can preserve and improve and work towards those ends.

© janet m. webb 2017

“Surprise” is the theme of this week’s photo challenge.  As Jen mentioned in her example, I’ve often been surprised by what appears in a macro shot, especially if it’s taken with my phone in bright sunshine!  Little critters that I didn’t even notice look like sci-fi creatures when viewed on my laptop or iPad.

I like to be surprised by wit and word play is one of the things I most enjoy.  So you might imagine the surprised happiness the name of this shop gave me when I chanced to look across a Philadelphia street and see it.

© janet m. webb 2017


The fourth Monday of each month is “Challenger’s Choice” in the Phoneography Challenge.  This week I’ve chosen to showcase animals.  In the first photo is my horse, Sunday.  She now belongs to someone else (long story, but best of all possible choices) and will, unfortunately, probably have to be put down this year.  She’s 30 years old and has lived a long life, blessing me with many years of wonderful riding.  We always said she would likely drop dead mid-stride, going as fast as she could.  She could always out-walk and out-run every horse in the corral until she got older.


This next photo is of a dog we met in the Purple Moon coffee shop in Sheridan.  She was perfectly behaved and entertained herself by trying to eat flies.  She got a few, too!