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Where do those shoes come from that lie singly in the street? I wonder that every time I see one, as I did yesterday. If you had your foot out the window and the shoe somehow came off, wouldn’t you go back for it especially, in this case, when it’s a cleat? Wouldn’t you need it for practice? Did one sibling threaten to drop the other’s shoe out the window…and then did so, accidentally or otherwise? Again, wouldn’t someone say something and retrieve the shoe? Was the person taken, Elijah-like, directly into heaven but God just “happened” to not notice the lost shoe?

I think this is one of the great mysteries of our time.


P.S. Another mystery is how a post gets published without the author pressing “Publish.” Evidently her new laptop is so sensitive that it thinks it knows when a post is ready to be published. Thankfully, most of the post was done and ready to go. No bad words were said during the accidental publishing. 🙂 Evidently the title was more apt than the author thought!