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Thursday generally means Thursday Doors, but I don’t have any holiday doors handy and no desire to go out to find some this late in the day. I got my Covid booster and flu shots today and fortunately only have a slightly sore arm on the Covid side. (I chose to get one in each arm.) I’ve been doing Christmas things at the house, including wrapping most of my husband’s gifts, putting on the French Christmas tablecloth that my s-i-l gave us some year ago, and playing Christmas songs on my keyboard (last year’s big and much-appreciated gift from my husband.) But although I don’t have doors, I do have something colorful to brighten your day.

Life in Colour: kaleidoscope

I saw these on my walk this morning and was instantly enamored. Learning their name (aka peacock flowers, dwarf poincianas and red bird-of-paradise) only made me love them more.

By the way, it was a 17-lemon walk!!! I didn’t want to carry all those lemons for a several mile walk, so I hid the bag behind a nearby bougainvillea and picked them up on the way home. More lemonade tomorrow.

Happy Friday and have a wonderful weekend!