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I’m not much of a movie person; I prefer books.  One year, I believe I saw all five movies up for Best Picture, but as I try to find that year, I can’t.  And I rarely like a movie based on a book nearly as well as the book itself.  Quite a few should be neither movie nor book!  🙂

Somewhere I read something that made me pick up “The Circle”, by David Eggers, not my usual mystery/thriller tipple.  I’d like to say I couldn’t put it down.  But I had to.  It was too disturbing:  I could see where it was going and I didn’t like it.


Grocery shopping, reading, and travel used to be private activities.  Now, not just Big Brother knows what you do (and when and where)…or maybe there are more brothers in the family than before.


For a long time we didn’t have a phone that could utilize the caller ID feature included with our phone package and I never thought anything of it. But after we got our latest set of phones, caller ID showed up and my life has never been the same again (thankfully in a good way.) (more…)