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Looking through my photos for something pink for this week’s Travel Theme, I realized that apart from flowers, there aren’t as many pink things in my stash of photos as most other colors.  However, one of my favorite photos from our 2011 trip to Provence is replete with pinks, so I offer it for your enjoyment.  If you’d like to see more travel photos, tomorrow I’ll be participating in the Phoneography Challenge (and my entries will feature travel), so feel free to stop back in, especially if you take photos by non-traditional means, such as with phones or an iPad, in which case, you might like to participate.


Today is one of the elusive fifth Mondays; hence, another opportunity for challenger’s choice. My photos are a combination of travel and architecture, taken during our trip to Provence and Normandy in 2011. What no doubt seems ordinary to the people of Provence appears beautiful to me–the lovely colors, the practical shutters, winding streets, flowers, the copious use of stone. Combine these with good weather, great markets and fabulous food and, in our case, time with family and you have a vacation that’s hard to beat. The first is one of my favorites of all the photos I took, but please weigh in and let me know your favorite and why.  Other entries are here.

P.S.  Full disclosure time.  I’m doing one of my epic driving trips (Chicago to Akron, Ohio on Sunday afternoon, Akron to Philly and back as far as possible on Monday, back to Chicago on Tuesday.  Virtually no internet time, so I prepared this post on Saturday….before we spent all afternoon looking at, then buying, a new Toyota Sienna.  Just as I was about to drop off to sleep, I realized both the photos were taken before I had my iPad, taken with a, gasp, small digital camera!!  But alas, I have no time to do another post for several days, so I’m throwing myself on the mercy of the Phoneography group and my readers to present these as photos I love that were NOT taken by phone of iThingy.  If this is the worst thing I do for the rest of 2013, I’m in good shape.  🙂  And thanks for understanding.  At some point on Monday, I’ll get some internet, set up a pingback and post this non-entry.