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for Six-Word Saturday and Life in Colour: purple

I feel good that I’ve made it all week without any purple flowers. 🙂 Small victories/joys. I’m set for a relaxing day and a great weekend with friends. I hope the same for you.

for Life in Colour: purple

Arrived yesterday at about noon after a short day of only six hours…and no rain!! Finished by second book on CD, but I have plenty more for the way home. It was my joy to see so many friends and practice with praise team for Sunday’s service. All the trees, bushes, flowers, and green grass are such a contrast to the desert as is the humidity. Not that one’s better than the other, just different. Off to sleep filled with contentment.

I should be on my last, shorter day heading into Illinois and I’m excited to not only see friends but get to practice with praise team again and sing on Sunday. Can’t wait!!! Trips call for snapshots, so here’s a snapshot of a purple door from Aurora, Illinois, coincidentally where I’ll be staying with dear friends. (Only thing better would have been if my husband could have come along.) The message takes on special significance after the year+ we’ve been through and through which many are still navigating.

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Not a very exciting update today. Started out with heavy fog but after that mostly more rain. I’d forgotten how much spray big trucks throw up and how hard that makes it to see the road. Not only that, you can’t use cruise control when the roads are wet. Sigh. Naturally I not only saw plenty of water but so much green that it’s hard to fathom after a year+ in Arizona. Amazing! Made it to my motel early enough to pull out my laptop and visit some blogs, so that was nice. Also managed to be not quite done with my book-on-CD again, so I’ll have to wait until tomorrow for the ending, just as I did this morning with yesterday’s book. Today’s drive took me from Amarillo, Texas, through part of Oklahoma, and into Missouri. The really good news is that gas has been quite inexpensive: $2.57/gallon this morning and still under $3/gallon elsewhere. Makes driving a lot more fun. 🙂 Happy Thursday!

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Update on day one of my trip yesterday. After checking off all the items on my list and cleaning the entire house, I was ready to leave early Tuesday morning. (Do you clean before you leave or not worry about it? I figure it’s better to start clean.) Some years ago I made a master list of all the things I’m likely to take on a trip, print a copy prior to each long trip I put it off, cross off items I won’t need and check off the items I need as I pack them. Makes life so much easier!

Woke before my alarm went off, had breakfast, packed the coolers, and pulled out at 4:30 AM. Most of the way to Winslow, Arizona, (where I did NOT stand on a corner) was lovely. In fact, there was so much green on the entire drive that it was delightful. I had a book on CD playing and food in my cooler within easy reach as I only stop for gas and bathroom breaks, preferably with both at the same stop. I covered over 700 miles with just two stops, pleasantly surprised to find that gas prices hovering right around three dollars or less.

Got into some horrific rain in Texas, sky like night, raining so hard that you could hardly see, vehicles driving with their flashers on, but I made it safely to Amarillo. Right now I’m watching a hockey playoff game. That’s it. Only about 650 miles tomorrow, so a reasonable day, hopefully without bad thunderstorms. I drove through more rain today than we’ve gotten in Arizona in the 13+ months we’ve been in Arizona. I’m not kidding!

Happy Wednesday!

Hurrah! It’s time for another road trip. Today I’m starting the 27 hours of driving time to go from our house to that of friends back in Naperville, where I’ll spend a week and a half visiting people and places. Thankfully the gas shortages aren’t in the area through which I’ll be traveling. Since it’s a travel day, here’s a photo from a trip going the opposite direction on a night I stopped in Albuquerque, New Mexico, the sunset view from my room.

As usual when I’m traveling, I’ll respond to comments but probably won’t be doing much online visiting. I might even update you periodically and who knows, I might come across some purples along the way. 🙂

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Monday, the start of a new week. Let’s start something new, purples that aren’t flowers. Apparently there are lots of purple flowers and as I mostly shoot nature, it’s more difficult for me to find other purples. However, this part of Chicago’s WNDR museum featured a plethora of purple hues.

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Although this has nothing to do with my photo of the heron, I was SO excited to find when I scheduled this post that WP has finally brought back a way to tell whether you have a post scheduled for a certain day! There’s now a small dot below each date that has a post, whether already out or scheduled. Finally!! My scheduling life has just gotten much easier. Dan, you’ll appreciate my joy because I’ve mentioned this lack to you more than once where we’re commiserating about WP issues. 🙂

Happy Tuesday to all of you!

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