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Change your perspective and things look different.  One perspective may be true; the other, false.  This is true in life as well as in photos, although photos are (hopefully) easier to manipulate.  When you first meet someone, they appear one way.  When you get to know them, you may need to change your perspective.  When you view something from close up, you may miss the bigger picture; from far away, you miss the details.

Here are two sets of photos that illustrate the deception possible in perspective, at least the photographic type.

View from the window

View from the window

View from a window...via a mirror

View from a window…via a mirror

Your guess?

Your guess?

A coat rack made from a piece of wood

A coat rack made from a piece of wood


Relentless sun.

……A watering ban??  What about my flowers & lawn?!!

….The AC runs constantly.  What about my electric bill?

….Pivot’s still bringing up water from the well but the crops are struggling.  What if the well runs dry?  How will we pay the mortgage, buy our food, feed our animals?  We could lose the farm.

….We trek to the well again but there are so many people, so little clean water.  The children cry from thirst, though we give them all we can.  What if the well runs dry?  What about our children?  What about us?


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