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One Word Sunday: pier/peer

for SquareUp 1.13.21

This little guy allowed me to get quite close before heading for shelter.  I ended up with two inadvertent action shots.  Hopefully s/he’ll be more wary in the future.

© janet m. webb

For Debbie’s One Word Sunday

© janet m. webb



Another month, another first Monday.  That means the theme of the Phoneography Challenge is .”Nature”  The challenge is open to anyone who takes photos with non-traditional cameras, such as phones or iPads.  If you want to play, click on the highlighted words and join us.  Since many of us are welcoming spring, or at least waiting for it hopefully, this is the perfect time to immortalize nature by taking some photos of its beauty or to share photos of nature’s beauty past.

photo 2(40)

photo 3(33)

photo 1(40)

(All photo editing was done with Picasa 3.)

Fur-coated bunny
Crouches beneath stacked firewood
Resting watchfully


(Couldn’t get the shot of the rabbit under the woodpile. He or she was a bit too watchful.)