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Bees do have a smell, you know, and if they don’t they should, for their feet are dusted with spices from a million flowers.
  ~Ray Bradbury, Dandelion Wine


To make a prairie it takes a clover and one bee,
One clover, and a bee,
And revery.
The revery alone will do,
If bees are few.
~Emily Dickinson, The Complete Poems


The keeping of bees is like the direction of sunbeams.
~Henry David Thoreau


Join us any time at Lens and Pens by Sally for the weekly photo challenge for non-traditional cameras.  You’ll love it!

Yesterday, I had included links to all my Chihuly posts, approved them early in the morning, then found tonight that they weren’t included.  If you missed them, please feel free to go back to the Weekly Photo Challenge: Vivid…flower power and you’ll find them at the bottom, below the photo.  Sorry about whatever it was WordPress did.