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This is story #2, based on the same picture as yesterday’s “official” entry into the Friday Fictioneers weekly go-round.  It’s also science-fiction, something I don’t do often (at least I hope it’s science fiction, at least for now.)  Link to the other stories is at the end of yesterday’s story:



The Eyes Have It

It just slipped out, but They heard everything, often maliciously giving you what you asked for.

He’d been tired of not knowing whether someone was lying or simply telling him what they thought he wanted to hear.  He wished to know what was really meant.

Waking briefly on the table before being put under again, it seemed a dream.  But once, home he’d suddenly seen the lack of love in his wife’s eyes, looked into those of his children, observed their indifference.

A horrified glance in the mirror revealed the depths of his soul.

He saw truth.

He knew despair.