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The van’s loaded, the cabin shut for the winter, and we’re on our way.  Let’s pause at the as we get on the Red Grade Road and take a look at the mountains in the dawn.  Do you see Black Tooth back there, about right in the middle, still with snow?

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The view just as we start to descend is even more beautiful than usual.


No, this isn’t some after-death experience post, so sorry if you came here expecting something different.  We’ve seen a lot of views in and from the Bighorn Mountains, but what do they look like seen from “down below?”  What’s the view I see on arrival that makes my heart beat a bit faster and my soul sigh with contentment?

We’ve gotten our books and groceries, so it time to head home.  Before we get to the Red Grade Road, let’s stop for a moment (no cars coming) and take a look at where we’re heading.  Be careful driving here just at dusk or at dawn.  There are deer everywhere and they can seriously damage your car/van/truck!

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It’s a much clearer view today than the day with all the smoke.  Do you recognize Black Tooth?  We’re almost back.


(Obviously I didn’t make it clear when I started posts about my Wyoming trip that I’ve already been there and am now back home, writing these as though you’re coming along with me.  🙂 So thanks for the wishes for a great trip.  I had one and now I hope you’ll have one, too. )

Just as hobbits have second breakfasts, I have a second home, one I’ve been coming to for over 40 years.  Arriving at the cabin feels like coming home.  But just as at home, I must have supplies.  We’ll need to make several stops in Sheridan before I take you up the mountain.

First comes the library.  Stocking up on books is key when the nearest library is 45 minutes away.  Next, groceries.  Although I brought several boxes of supplies/necessities, I have to get the rest of what I need for my recipes.  Have everything you need?  Let’s head up the mountain.

The unpaved, generally unimproved road is the Red Grade Road. Yeah, it’s quite rough this year with lots of loose rock.  Fifteen miles per hour is about the limit, up or down.  (This is what makes meal planning vital!) The van doesn’t have four-wheel drive, but it goes up pretty well. We’re over 7,000′ now.  And here’s the cabin.  Let’s haul all the bags and boxes in, have some dinner, and sit on the porch enjoying the view.

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View from the porch