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Although this video was taken at Tohono Chul some weeks ago, it’s a perfect representation of how I feel after a break of just one day.

For Six Word Saturday

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for Six Word Saturday

It’s Saturday.  No, you haven’t lost your mind. I’m writing this on Saturday even though you’re reading it on Monday.

It’s Saturday and it’s cold, more than cold—frigid.  This morning it was -7 F and felt like -14.  If we can make it until Sunday, it might be 30, a heat wave in these days of sub-zero temperatures, both real and with wind chill.  We have snow, but it’s too cold to go out to properly enjoy it.  I even drove the few blocks to the salon for my every-six-months-or-so haircut.

It’s Saturday and I’m faced with a delightful dilemma:  which book should I read next?*  In the spirit of supporting our local library to the best of my ability and to feed my need to read (oooo, I love the sound of that phrase), I usually have 15 or more books checked out and 40-50 on hold, many of which haven’t come out yet.  Don’t you just love the ability to do that?  Our library has a “Best Seller” list that offers a plethora of categories, including “Adult Fiction” and “Adult Non-fiction” under the headings of “Just Arrived” and “Coming Soon.”  Just click “Hold.”  That’s like crack to an addict. (more…)

Spring is a sneaky season. I look out the front window, turn away…and when I turn back, there it is.  The grass is green, the bushes have buds, daffodils’ cheerful faces are everywhere. Forsithia forsith, blossoms blossom. Daylilies, still weeks from flowering, grow with the speed of bamboo. The ones encircling our mailbox, when grown, provide a distinctive thicket of orange flowers and leaves that make directions easy. “We’re the house with the mailbox almost obscured by orange daylilies.” When I cut them back in fall, I worry that my husband won’t be able to find our house, a not unfounded worry.

I carry a folding chair to our west-facing deck, unusable during summer except during the morning or for baking, roll up my pants legs and sit, senses bemused by spring.


Forsythia forsithing

If man has no tea in him, he is incapable of understanding truth and beauty.
Japanese Proverb

If this is true, I should be well on my way to understanding a great deal of truth and beauty at this moment! And today I had my tea in a brand new cup, purchased only yesterday at a local antique store. I collect tea cups in a very desultory way, always on the lookout for the perfect one that speaks to me. This one, being from Germany, spoke in German and said, “Achtung!! Ich bin sehr schön.” I agreed and we left the store together.



Take a walk with me around our little portion of the Big Horns. (more…)