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Autumn, or fall, depending upon where you live, is a time of endings…the end of summer, the end of days that start early and end late with golden sunshine, the end of trees burgeoning with leaves, the end of the bright, hot colors of summer, the end of the foliage of (most) plants.  During this time, I cherish the last glimpses of colors and rich beauty before the austere beauty of winter reveals itself.  Sometimes the petals of flowers or the outer parts of plants now look less than pristine, like faded beauties still bedecking themselves as they did when young.  But peer inside and you can still see amazing intricacy and charm, just as you might when getting to know better the aforementioned dowagers.  

(The Phoneography Challenge is open to anyone who finds themselves madly taking pictures with their Smartphone or iThingy whenever and wherever possible.  The themes are found on Sally’s page and go live each Monday morning.  We’re a rather nice group of people who all share one desire:  to record the beauty around us.  So come and join us.  This being the second Monday of the month, the theme is “Macro” and you can find links to all the other entries by clicking that word.  We look forward to seeing your entry, either this week or next…or any time you have time.)

My photos were taken with my iPad 3 and have not been edited.  And last, but definitely not least, thanks to all veterans, past, present and future, for allowing us and so many other to be free.  Always remember, lest we forget.  My Memorial Day post works just as well for Veteran’s Day.




Memorial Day.  In memory. (more…)