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(When I see the post, the video looks sideways, but it play correctly. Let me know if you have a problem or if you know how to solve that.)



water song’s murmur
harped on rock-strewn stream bed
orchestrates my rest

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Before I get to the photos of Thursday’s flooding, the answer to the question of “What in the heck is that bubbly stuff?” in yesterday’s post is…..(drum roll, please)….partially mixed batter, with almond milk coming around the edges.  Anne’s daughter and Scott were the closest.  Congratulations!!
If I’d posted this picture, it would have been easier to guess, but not as much fun.

copyright janet m. webb

Now on to the flooding. On Thursday, torrential rain drenched the Chicago area, including Naperville which, with a river running through it, has suffered from the 6″ of rain.

Here are some pictures of downtown Naperville. (more…)