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“Against the Odds” is the theme for this week’s challenge and I think you’re unlikely to find a crossing sign like this very often.  Yes, all of these were present in the area where the narrow French road twisted through a small farm. Looks a bit like a fairy tale illustration to me or a child-as-Pied-Piper sign.

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Not long ago I did a post on different amusing signs I’ve seen while traveling (  After our last trip, I have a few more for your viewing, or reading, enjoyment.  A good laugh never goes amiss!  I hope to leave you LOL at least once.  And speaking of laughter, here are a few quotes about laughter just to get things started. (more…)

All the driving I’m doing affords me many hours to look at things. There are all sorts of interesting things out there, plenty disturbing or distressing things (mostly driver-related), and a certain number of humorous or ironic ( though not by design) things.  I see a variety of signs–exit signs, advertisements, speed limit signs, the dreaded “Road work ahead” signs, and other signs.  Most are plebian but there are a few that stand out, for one reason or another.  These are a few of the most recent ones that made me smile…and contemplate their real meaning, real or unintended.

Not sure how that male arm got there, but…