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The fourth Monday means I get to chose the category for Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge.  Today I chose “Animals” and, unusually for me, I’m featuring a cat.  This beauty belongs to our younger daughter who rescued her from the streets of Philadelphia.  She reclines in queenly fashion in the new cat bed we got for her.  I’m not sure how much she uses it, as she like to sleep with our daughter, but in Goldilocks fashion, it’s just the right size for any time she deigns to use it.

“Cats are connoisseurs of comfort.”
~James Herriot, James Herriot’s Cat Stories

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Merriam Webster has numerous definitions for “drift” but persevere and you’ll arrive at:

8 :  a grouping of similar flowers planted in an elongated mass.

On my photography walk last week, once I entered into the wooded part of the park, I was adrift in drifts of wildflowers, not all of which show up well in photos.  Of course, no person planted these elongated masses of flowers but nevertheless, there they are.  (As an aside, a photography walk for me is one where I deliberately set out with Nikon and lenses in addition to the ever-present iPhone and don’t even plan on getting any exercise other than the most rudimentary walking.  Call it soul food.)

At any rate, there were still wildflowers aplenty, which I featured on my blog Friday and Saturday.   Here then, is a drift of wildflowers and, I hasten to add, taken with said phone, not my Nikon, lest Sally whip me with a wet noodle.  🙂

May you be adrift in flowers today, whether literal or figurative!  Perhaps I should also include “virtual.”  And happy May Day, which is celebrated with flowers as well!

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For Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge: Nature

On Monday, I like to participate in Sally’s mobile photography challenge, open to anyone who takes photos with a non-traditional camera, as my phone/camera goes with me everywhere.  The first Monday’s theme is “Nature” and, having been to Yosemite, my natural tendency was to go with something spectacular from there.  After all, what isn’t spectacular there?

But, southern California having a very different climate from that of the Chicago area, nature is also everywhere in the city even now, a juxtaposition I enjoyed greatly, as with the exotic beauty of this bird of paradise bloom against the neutral-colored background of a Spanish-themed apartment complex: city and nature, striking and subdued. Perhaps if you live there, their beauty becomes passé, but to winter-jaded eyes, they were a glorious sight.

© janet m. webb 2017

Another month has begun.  The weather in Chicagoland is typically spring-like:  warm, cold, rain, a bit of snow, sun, thunderstorm…mix and repeat.  Underneath it all, I can feel spring waiting, edging gradually into sight.  Daffodils and daylilies bravely poke their leaves out further each day.   The cold is a little less frigid, a bit more cool.  It’s coming and one of the blessings is the longer daylight.  The downside is you have to get up earlier to catch a sunrise shot.  The upside is you can enjoy this one while still in your pj’s, sipping your morning cup of coffee or tea.  How good is that?

© janet m. webb 2016

On one of my last days in Arizona, my s-i-l and I hiked Wind Cave Trail, not far from Mesa in distance but, as you can see, not at all city.  It was the first really nice day in the nine I’d been there, so there were quite a few people on the steep, rocky trail.  That tan bit is one of the smoother parts of the trail.

We worked up quite a sweat walking up, but in the shelter of the “cave” (overhang), we quickly became chilly.  Emerging into the sun, we had a glorious view of the Phoenix area in the distance, the downtown area just to the left of the two little hills.  (If you click on the photo and then click again, you can see the buildings.)  The dotted line of white just above halfway is made up of the parked vehicles of the hikers.  There’s also quite a “forest” of saguaro cacti.  Although the view was great, we had to keep our eyes firmly on the trail, only looking while stopped.  You definitely don’t want to get off the trail and into the cacti without paying attention!

After a several week cyber hiatus, Sally and her mobile photography challenge are back for another round in 2017.  Sally, I hope you had a wonderful and refreshing time.  Perhaps one day I’ll summon the fortitude to do the same.  🙂

Today we’re back to nature as our theme.  Supposedly geese fly south in the winter, away from the chilly northern Illinois temperatures.  But each year there are plenty of them left well into winter.  As you can see from my photo, they gather on the river en masse, honking and readying themselves for take off, although where they’re actually going is anyone’s guess. It reminds me of an avian airport with one runway.  After sufficiently getting their engines going, a small flock takes off, amid much racket.  When the proper interval has passed, then next group does the same.  However, despite all the takeoffs and the time of year, the goose population in our area is still doing well.

Other than the frame, this shot looks as it did when I took it on a cold but beautiful morning.

© janet m. webb 2016

If this is the first Monday in December, it must be time for “Nature” as the theme for Sally’s challenge, open to all who take photos with non-traditional cameras.  Mine non-traditional camera of choice is an iPhone 5s and I love the ease of taking it with me everywhere.  My favorite Kühl hiking pants have a pocket on the side that’s just the right size of the camera and I can unzip the pocket and take out the camera with just one hand.  In winter, when I need those flannel-lined jeans I touted yesterday, I tuck the camera into my fanny pack.

No matter the pants I’m wearing, I often get to the park at sunrise, something much easier to do when the sun doesn’t come up until 7:30 am or so!  Here’s an example of what you might see if you venture out with me.  We can stop for coffee or tea on the way home.  Happy Monday morning.

© janet m. webb 2016

I realized just now, as I’m preparing my post for Monday, that I completely missed the theme of “Challenger’s Choice” last week and went with “Nature”, which is really the theme for the first Monday of the month, which this is.  Wow!  I’m sitting here shaking my head and wondering what happened.  Everyone was gracious enough not to mention is as well.  🙂

In the same way, I’m ignoring the elephant in the closet and not mentioning anything about tomorrow.  This isn’t a political post.

But as nature is one of my favorite themes, I’ll have another go at it.  Happy November all!

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As the days shorten, it becomes easier to catch the early morning light, even if you’re not a morning person.  The colors of summer are fading, leaving a few hardy flowers, bright berries, wild grapes, and the changing leaves.  Wind teases the fluffy milkweed seeds that cling for another moment to their pods, outlined by the sun.

© janet m. webb 2016

Autumn Movement
Carl Sandburg

I cried over beautiful things knowing no beautiful thing lasts.

The field of cornflower yellow is a scarf at the neck of the copper
sunburned woman, the mother of the year, the taker of seeds.

The northwest wind comes and the yellow is torn full of holes,
new beautiful things come in the first spit of snow on the northwest wind,
and the old things go, not one lasts.

I’m intrigued by the difference in feel made by a slender dark frame as opposed to a lighter one.  In western South Dakota, this bit of rainbow appeared against a dark sky and bright fields.  It was as if the heavens had been rent, allowing these slashes of color to escape, nature at her simple, stunning best.

© janet m. webb 2016

© janet m. webb 2016