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This is story #2, based on the same picture as yesterday’s “official” entry into the Friday Fictioneers weekly go-round.  It’s also science-fiction, something I don’t do often (at least I hope it’s science fiction, at least for now.)  Link to the other stories is at the end of yesterday’s story:



The Eyes Have It

It just slipped out, but They heard everything, often maliciously giving you what you asked for.

He’d been tired of not knowing whether someone was lying or simply telling him what they thought he wanted to hear.  He wished to know what was really meant.

Waking briefly on the table before being put under again, it seemed a dream.  But once, home he’d suddenly seen the lack of love in his wife’s eyes, looked into those of his children, observed their indifference.

A horrified glance in the mirror revealed the depths of his soul.

He saw truth.

He knew despair.

Take heart, all ye brave Fictioneers
For Wednesday is finally here.
Look at the prompt.
Create what you want.
Work through the blood, sweat and tears.

One week I’m sure that I heard,
“One hundred words? That’s absurd!
I can’t tell my story
In all of its glory
With that few,” some authors averred.

Now that the deadline is near
Even tho’ that story’s so dear
If you wield the scalpel
Relief will be palpable
And your writing all that much more clear.

(Thanks for the striking picture, Jennifer, and for hosting, Rochelle; everyone else for writing and reading.)



Genre:  Science fiction


The searing light felt as if it plumbed the depths of his brain before he went under again.

“More anesthetic! Hurry the download.”


The once-a-month headache always emanated from his right eye.  His government-assigned doctor offered no explanation, assuring him the brain scan found nothing abnormal.  More disturbing were the sense of emptiness and the loss of short-term memory the next day; possible side-effects of age, he surmised.  As he proffered his pass at the high-level security gate, he wondered again why he couldn’t forget that jingle from his “Ancient Advertising” class:  “Is it live or is it Memorex?”

For those of you too young to remember Memorex (pun not intended but noted) , here are a couple links:

This week I had two stories and couldn’t decide which one I liked better.  I’m posting this one today and  I’ll post the other Thursday, then come back and edit this post so the link is included.  (Here’s the link for story #2: If you’d like to read both, wonderful; if you have more than enough other stories to read, I completely understand!  🙂  In the meantime, for stories by other Fictioneers, click on the little blue guy that follows and settle in for some fun.

Just for fun. What would you call this critter? (more…)

By Saturday afternoon, Bill and I will have reached another milestone on our trip together through life–28 years of marriage.  It’s been quite a ride!


“Hurry!”  His voice grew more urgent.  “Much longer and it will begin to live again!”

I plunged the knife into the beautiful, silvery body and began to saw.  The hacking blade made a noise like a rusty zipper, juddering through the alligator-like skin.  A putrid stench filled my nostrils.  I reached into the body for the essence of the creature’s life.  Shuddering, I pulled it out and tossed it aside, where it caught on some desiccated grape vines, the quivering viscous globules looking like mutant grubs.

My voice determinedly resolute, I asked, “Do I really have to eat it?”


As with all the Friday Fictioneers prompts, you can enjoy the variety of stories by talented authors by going to Madison Woods’ site for this story: You won’t regret it.  Or you may click on the little frog icon below.

For the other Friday Fictioneers authors, I’m on the road today (Wed.) and tomorrow, ending tomorrow night at over 7,000′ and with a probably poor internet connection.  So it will take me awhile to get to your stories and since I’m on vacation, I may not make it to all of them as I usually try to do.  Thanks for reading, commenting and critiquing mine, even if I can’t get around to yours (at least right away.)  I always appreciate your time.