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As I strode briskly toward the Independence Visitors Center in the Old City of Philadelphia, the heavens opened.  Unfortunately, God didn’t come down, only sheets of grey rain on a day that had until that time been gloomy but warm.  Despite my chic London Fog rain hat and brightly-green rain jacket as well as hastily-employed umbrella, my jeans were soaked almost to the knees and my socks distinctly damp when I reached the Center, only to find that the half hour movie I’d hoped to see didn’t begin until 11 and I had to be at Reading Terminal Market by 11:30 for lunch.  So I headed for Ben Franklin’s house and museum and I’m glad I did.

Having read his autobiography ages ago (free here as a pdf) and a lot about him, I knew he was a man of many talents.  But the newly-redone museum showcases wonderfully what an eclectic man he was.  Let me share in photos just a small slice of his accomplishments.

20131101-152014.jpg (more…)

Don’t tell me I’m burning the candle at both ends, tell me where to get more wax.”
That clever creature, “A nony mouse”

 As many scientists abandon the theory of global warming/climate change, I would love them to concentrate on an even bigger threat to humankind:  disappearing wax. (more…)

Interesting in writing or reading flash fiction based on a photo prompt?  You’re in the right place.  You can read the “rules” and join in by going to   Or you may just read by clicking on the little purple cutie at the end of my story and checking back often to indulge in all the offerings.  The picture is from Friday Fictioneer at the Hawaiian office,  Douglas M. MacIlroy.  The entire shebang, started by Madison Woods, is ably continued by Rochelle Wisoff (no h)-Fields at  Join our merry band sooner rather than later.  Every day you wait, you’re missing out on the fun.

Almost forgot to mention that I’m scheduled, before bringing our younger daughter back for Christmas, to meet Fictioneers Sharon (newpillowbook) and Rich on Monday in Philly.  Pictures are sure to follow!!  

Doug photo-15

To Be or Not To Be

There it sat.
Looking real, features in place, calculations done, the detritus of their efforts everywhere.
It just sat there.

“Why can’t we do it?”
“No idea.  We’ve tried everything, even cloning, and done it right.  It just won’t sustain life.”
“We could email Dr. Joyce for more self-building molecules.”
“Didn’t work before.”
“Maybe it’s climate change. I’ll search online again.”

“Look!  Isn’t that a bit of ice over there?  Maybe there was something just for a minute or two.”

“I still think…”
“Don’t go there again!!”
“It’s Christmas.  Couldn’t we try ‘Let there be…’ just once?”


To read more about Dr. Joyce’s efforts, you may start here: